Deferred Sales Trust vs. 1031 Exchange

Based on a 90-year-old tax law IRC Section 453 23-year track record of 2000+ closed transactions with 14 no change IRS audits, have you ever imagined of buying your own Commercial Real Estate anytime you want and without having to worry of paying immediate capital gains taxes and the time pressure deadlines and constraints from a 1031 exchange? For a FREE tax savings analysis on a commercial or investment property, or a stock or a business you own, please click on this Deferred Sales Trust link.   A member of Estate Planning Team will call you with the results of our analysis to leverage and preserve your capital. 

Private Equity Funds vs. Syndications

  • Real estate syndications are investment vehicles raised to fund investment in one or more already identified commercial real estate properties.
  • Whereas real estate private equity funds are a “trust-me” vehicle that require investors to blindly fund investment capital based on their trust in the vision, reputation and track record of the fund sponsor. 
  • It’s much harder to raise money for real estate private equity funds because of their nature as “trust-me” vehicles
  • Syndications are more flexible in terms of investment hold period than finite-lived real estate PE funds

Introduction to Private Equity 

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 Basic Real Estate Equity Waterfall Model

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